понедельник, 3 декабря 2012 г.

My new project: Moments.

Today I'm starting my new project in English which is designed to develop writing skills through a series of 200-word essays. My students and I are going to share our thoughts and feelings here.

They say to be an open-minded person you have to focus not only on events and people around you but also on feelings they evoke. Through a thorough analisis of your feelings you are going to open a whole new world and see it from a new perspective. So I decided to set up an online diary where my students and I are going to describe moments of life which touched our hearts and made us feel different.

Some moments are important. Some are not. But even an insignificant moment can change you forever. So we'd better not forget about the power the moments have over us.

Enjoy reading and join us :)

Essay 1: Bitter-Sweet
by Tatiana Bugaeva

I close my eyes and I dive deep into my memories to find there in the ocean of indistinct sounds and blurred images something very special which  would evoke feelings in my heart no matter happy or sad. Day after day I write my own diary of memories which go hand in hand with feelings they evoke, thus they form a map of my life with Love and Loneliness, Anguish and Awe instead of countries and cities on it. I wander there in the forest of moments of my life captured in my memory and colored all bitter-sweet because of the way I feel and the essence I am.
I remember quite distinctly a rainy morning. I was going to work on crowded subway with people bumping me on my way. I was glad to escape and to find myself in an archway towards the exit. The lights were dim with shadows over the cold floor and grayish walls. People were hurrying and I saw them taking over me with their indifferent or worried faces, with their shoulders down as if their burden were too heavy to bear. I froze for a moment with my eyes half-closed. I heard the footsteps and buzzing voices all around me. And it hit me I wasn’t part of it. I was standing aside and plunging into the sounds, the music of the rush hour. I was the observer. At that moment I felt free. I was free to choose my way and how I feel about my life. It was a sweet taste of freedom but the gloomy faces around me made it a tiny bit bitter.

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