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Debating Skills

This is my first post in English for English learners. I came up with the idea of setting up a page which is meant to provide useful information on English for my students.
Today I am going to write about debating, which is an essential communication skill, as it involves ability to agree or disagree as well as drawing conclusions.  
This post is aimed at students who have mastered the language at low intermediate level or higher.
So what I want to talk about today is how people meet and how they get to know each other.
Watch the following video and afterwards answer the question

What is the best way to get to know each other?

Now I am going to post some ideas in a special online tool for brainstorming and voting and your task is to comment on my ideas using debating expressions and deciding if you are pro or contra my idea. If you have other ideas to come up with on where people can meet and fall in love, go ahead!
While writing comments, use special debating expressions:

State your opinion
I think
I fully agree
I doubt that …
On the one hand … on the other hand …
С одной стороны… с другой стороны…
I strongly believe

This is a very good point
I disagree entirely.
On the one side… On the other side …
С одной стороны… с другой стороны…
As far as I am concerned
It’s undeniably true, that …
I’m not sure about that.
It is true but on the flipside …
Да, это верно, но с  другой стороны …
I maintain that
Precisely. I would say the same.
It might be true, but …

I strongly suspect

I am convinced

If you ask me, …

How do we meet people in our daily life? How do we know each other? Come up with your ideas down below! Comment on my ideas and decide are you for or against? Use special language.

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I would be grateful for any comment on how useful the material was. Thank you for reading and following me.


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